World Half Marathon Championships

One thing that I’ve certainly noticed since my time in Copenhagen is that Danes love to workout, specifically by running. This surprised me when I first arrived, probably because in the other European countries I’ve been to (mostly France), everyone was so blasé about working out. I’d get weird looks if I even dared leave the house in workout clothes. Many Danes on the other hand, not only love working out, but love to wear workout clothes whenever they can! In fact, it would not be unusual to see a svelte Dane wearing spandex and brightly coloured Nikes at a bar.

It’s not all for fashion, of course. Scandanavian genes have blessed Danes with the ability to be amazing runners. My host parents Carsten and Lotte in particular, love to run and do so with serious gumption. They do not just go for casual jaunts around the ‘hood of Trørød. Nope, they are out there on the daily running a 6k (or at least it seems like it).

Last weekend the IAAF/ AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships had it’s annual race, this time in downtown Copenhagen. 30,000 tickets were available to the public, but they sold out within an hour- a year and a half ago! Of course, Carsten managed to get two tickets. He competed in the fastest group of non-professionals, and beat his personal goal of 1:18.

I tried to watch for him and Lotte, but it proved difficult in a crowd of 30,000. I did managed to see some of the slower groups though. And the energy in the crowd was SPECTACULAR. I was getting pumped up just standing there. Franz Ferdinand was playing over the loudspeakers and Danish flags were flying everywhere. It was definitely an awesome time to be in Denmark, and I felt a tinge of pride knowing that Copenhagen served as an awesome host for elite runners who came to the city to compete.

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