Vikings and Polar Bears

Every January 1st for the past three years, I’ve rung in the New Year by going for a “polar bear plunge” off the coast of beautiful Asbury Park, NJ. While the Atlantic waters are quite chilly that time of year, I love participating because it leaves me feeling exhilarated and rejuvenated and as a bonus I get to help raise money for charity, as the event is organized by the local Sons of Ireland club.

When I got to Denmark I was thrilled to find out that cold water swimming is a popular pastime in Northern and Eastern European Countries. The practice traces it’s routes to sauna traditions and is often practiced for health reasons.  There is even a “Viking Club” at the beach in my town (Vedbaek) that maintains a club house and sauna facilities for it’s members. The club is so popular that has a months-long waiting list, or else I would absolutely join.

Fortunately on Sunday, some DIS students got together for some Winter Bathing in the Copenhagen Harbor at the Harbour Baths in Islands Brygge.  Sure we didn’t have The air temperature was in the high 30 degrees Farhenheit, but the water felt so refreshing  that my friend Meghan and I went in twice! Check out the pictures below.

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