Copenhagen Hucks

Wearing my tightest pair of jeans in the worst weather we’ve had since our arrival was a bad idea today, which was heightened by the fact that I’m pretty sore from my first practice with the Copenhagen Hucks, Denmark’s largest Ultimate Frisbee Club. Even though I’m tired, I’m still basking in my pride over the fact that Ultimate is such an obscure, yet international sport. For a sport that was invented at a New Jersey high school in the 1970s, I’m not surprised at all that most Danes have never heard of it. My host family had no idea what it was so they looked it up on youtube and thought it seemed “funny.” It is definitely a “funny,” but still serious and intense sport, played by some of the most interesting people worldwide. There is also a unique Ultimate “culture” that surrounds the sport.

It was exciting to see that it’s not that different in Denmark. While it took me almost two hours to get to the gym that practice was held at, I managed to get there in time for warm-ups and conditioning. Back at college, we definitely do not condition or workout as a team as much as we should, so I was impressed with the Hucks captains leading us, and also glad that someone would be forcing me to stay in shape while  abroad. Afterwards we did some throwing and drills, and had time for about 45 minutes of two-point rotation games. I had a ton of fun, as indoor Ultimate is very fast-paced and athletic, and I was satisfied to know that I can mingle with some of Copenhagen’s best players. I’m excited for what other opportunities this season brings.

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