I’ve been in the Copenhagen for about 24 hours now and most of all I’m surprised by how calm and comfortable everything else. After being introduced with my host mother Lotte at the Airport Hilton, we drove about 30 minutes through center city to Copenhagen to get to their house. Driving through the middle of Copenhagen, past Tivoli, City Hall, and the main train station, I thought it was odd at how little traffic their was. There were so few cars on the road and all the drivers were so calm and well-behaved. This negates every opinion I have on driving in large metropolises as the mere thought of driving through Midtown Manhattan makes me feel stressed out.

This feeling of calmness continued when I arrived to my new home. The Braagaard’s house is stunning in it’s simplicity. The style is truly modern and Scandanavian; I feel like I am living in an Ikea catalog. I think the organized state of the house translates to an organized and calm lifestyle, as that is how I feel around the family. After I met my host father and siblings that night, I already felt very welcome in the family. Everyone is extremely friendly and go out of their way to make me feel comfortable, which I definitely appreciate while I’m still learning things. My favorite activity so far has been watching the European Handballs finals with the family. I have played handball before but I did not realize that it is such a popular sport in Denmark and Europe. Tonight we watched the Denmark vs. Hungary game– of course, Denmark was victorious!

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