Preparation for my Semester in Copenhagen

I’ve known that I will going to study at DIS in Copenhagen for my Spring semester for months now, but it hasn’t felt that real until yesterday, when I got an e-mail from my host family. I will be staying with the Braagaard Family who lives in Vedbaek. I was exciting to find out that Vedbaek is on the coast – I love living near water and I look forward to checking out the beach and braving the chilly Danish waters. My host family has two children aged 17 and 19, which I think will be interesting to see how Danish young adults are similar and different to myself and my peers from the US. Vedbaek is about 25km north of Denmark, and I believe the daily commute will provide me with an interesting perspective through which I can examine Urban Studies in Europe and the nuances of Copenhagen urban life.

I have so much to do before I depart for Denmark but my destination is starting to feel concrete, and I grow more excited every day.

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